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Home remedies for pimples, acne ang dark spots. Among our viewer Mr.Sunita Singh, from Allahabad has actually sent out mail to us, She states she had great deal of pimples on her face and She had actually taken some therapy to obtain eliminate the acne pimples. But now acnes are gone yet leaving pimple marks behind on my face. Currently my more youthful sibling additionally began obtaining pimples on her face yet after seeing pimple marks on my face.any cream she hesitates of using any type of lotion and also taking treatment for this issue, Ms.Sunita, do not worry. Today I am going to give you some simple pointers, which does not leave any acne marks on

Today I am going to give you some simple pointers, which does not leave any acne marks on face. Tell you sister to take bark of Neem tree and also make paste of it by massaging it on difficult surface. Apply this paste on the acne vulnerable area. Her pimples will certainly disappear as well as it wont leave any kind of marks behind. You need to have tried some alopathic treatment which had left acne marks on your face. I will suggest you some suggestions to obtain rid of this marks. Take one blue tinted glass container.

As well as load it with mustard seed oil. If the container is of 100 ml, after that pur 100 ml mustard oil in it.Keep this container in sun light for 2 months continuosly After two months, you will see that the colour of the mustard oil has transformeded into blue. Prior to going to sleep, you have to apply this oil on your face and leave it over night. Clean it as usual in the morning. If you are getting pimples, it will be cured with this oil as well as if you have marks on your face that will certainly likewise be cleared totally.

Now you have to findout why you and also your sister is getting acnes. Acne are coming because of digestion problems. You should be having bowel irregularity problem, Because of constipation only you are obtaining pimples and also because of this only blood comes to be impure Try not to have constipation trouble, prevent having actually fried foods, junk foods like pizza and hamburgers and so on. Prevent convenience foods, stay clear of smoking cigarettes, I know you need to be refraining from doing, however still if you do after that quit it.

Consume alcohol at the very least 3 leter of water everyday. If you still feel your bowel irregularity trouble is not addressed, then take Isabgold powder everyday. Take one tea spoon of Isabgol powder, before going to bed. You could have it with milk or water. Your irregular bowel movements problem will be solved with this As I had alreday recommended mustard oil therapy for your acne marks. Guidance your sis to apply this easy need bark paste.

I believe she is likewise suffering from irregular bowel movements trouble as normally the entire family members complies with the exact same food diet plan. So alter your food diet plan as well as practices. Have alteast 3 leter water on a regular basis, which will re-hydrate your body as well as skin. and also flush pollutants from your blood. Attempt these remedyies and you will notice all your acne, marks as well as darch spot issue will resovled.

We always desire our audiences happy as well as healthy life. Maintain viewing our show. Thank you.

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